Pure Water System

Protecting the Environment

What is “Water Feed” and How Does it Work

By using pure water be it reverse osmosis or deionised, the premise is that the pure water will not leave spots on windows because there is no impurities in the water to leave residue behind. And yes it works.

We have incorporated a storage tank on our trucks to transport pure water that we make at our shop. Through a series of pumps, control valves, and hoses we pump pure water up to a height of 45 feet where it is fed through a bristle brush and onto the glass. The poles we use are telescopic carbon and glass fibre poles. The operator will proceed to scrub the window and rinse the window clean, that’s it. Once the water dries it leaves no residue and the window is perfectly clean.

This also has the benefit of leaving little waste around the jobsite as far as chemicals and soaps go. Once the water dries from the ground, flower beds and landscaped areas will not suffer, in fact they will benefit from having been watered. Some municipalities will fine property owners as well as the contractor on site for allowing waste water that has chemicals in it to drain into municipal storm drains. With pure water there is no chance of that happening.

Why Water Feed

There are three main reasons why our customers are excited about “Water Feeding” the windows at their buildings and homes.

  1. GREEN GREEN GREEN – The water system method is as environmentally friendly as you can get. There is zero impact on the environment at your home or place of business. You will not have any soap residue on your concrete and suds in your flower beds. The only thing you’ll have to do is wait for the excess pure water to evaporate which takes no time at all.
  2. Safety – The main benefit to the water system at a job site is that our employees stay on the ground. There is no longer a need to climb a ladder and thus eliminating the biggest risk in our industry today. With both feet firmly planted on the ground we can reach heights of 40+ feet. Anything higher and we use other tools that are at our disposal. That being said, there will be times when due to architecture or landscape, the water feed system will not be utilized. At that time other methods will be used which may or may not include using a conventional ladder.
  3. Cost Benefit – The water system is a cost savings method to the business owner as well as our customers. With conventional window cleaning two people are typically needed to clean a job. With the water feed system we can cut out one person as well as cut down on clean times.